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My Blog

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! I wasn't going to dress up for Halloween, but decided very last minute that I should be something. I decided to be Fantastic Mrs. Fox, and Grant should be Fantastic Mr. Fox.

It was hard to find a yellow dress, but I found a mustard yellow swing dress that I thought was good enough. I painted some masks on card stock. I used watercolor so you can see the strokes/fur. I cut out the pupils so we could see through them. Although, I should have measured how far apart our pupils were first. I also made a little pendant and apple out of card stock as well to add a little flair more flair. With that, I present you the masks below. Anyways, Happy Halloween!

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Last weekend I took a calligraphy class sponsored by Bing at the Oh Happy Day Studio. Oh Happy Day offers some fun classes at her studio. I took her letterpress class before, and really enjoyed it. The studio is so cute and full of color. I hope to have my own design studio one day! That would be some an amazing dream come true.

Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls was the teacher. I loved hearing her story about how she became a calligrapher. Long story short, she took 3 calligraphy classes and had written a letter to Martha Stewart Weddings many years back. She was contacted by an editor who was impressed by her calligraphy skills and the crate of samples that she had sent over. When asked if she was a professional calligrapher, she said yes, and ever since then she has been a calligrapher. You just have to fake it until you make it. It can happen! :)

Anyways, I've always wanted to learn calligraphy. I've doodled and tried to imitate calligraphy, but something about using a calligraphy pen just really drew me.

I bought a kit from the internet earlier this year, but I tried it a litte and was always unsure if I was doing ok. I needed someone to give me some instruction of how I should be holding my pen, how to dip ink, and other techniques.

Maybelle gathered us around her table to explain some techniques and what we would be doing for the day. Once that was over, we went back to our tables to try out what we saw. I loved the setup of the tables. I especially loved the little wooden pen and ink holder that her husband made with our names on it!

I first practiced making thick and thin lines. My hand would shake with the thin lines, but hopefully that will go away with practice. I then tried some ovals and figure 8s. It was nice to have Maybelle walking around and answering questions. 

Once I felt semi comfortable with those, I went on to try the alphabet, and before I could get to the letter G we only had 30 minutes left in the class! We were encourage to try the white ink on black paper, so I switched from black ink to white it.

I loved the white ink on black paper. It just immediately looks more fancy. The paper felt so special. I felt like I had to put a special quote on it. I remembered a quote about love and summer and decided that I was going to try writing that out. I didn't want to mess anything up, and that made me extra nervous and my arm would shake. Although not having lines to guide you can be freeing, it made me even more nervous. In the end it wasn't so bad! I got through it. Now it's time to keep practicing!

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Ikea Hack: Coffee Table

I've been on the hunt for a nice coffee table for over a year now. I thought I wanted a danish style coffee table. I imagined a nice wood top and some wooden legs with brass tips, but I couldn't find anything that matched that and my price. I went to flea markets and searched through Craigslist and Etsy, but no luck. I eventually gave up.

Our coffee table wasn't bad. It was a simple white Ikea one that we got on Craigslist for $40. Ours is a matte white though. I liked how big it was and that it had some compartments, but I just hated the legs.

We thought about changing the legs, but couldn't find any that we liked. We thought about regular hairpin legs, but I wasn't sold on them until Grant found these brass ones from Reform Brass on Etsy. We got the 14" ones and they are some beauties. They are hand made in Baltimore, Maryland, so they take about a month to get, but they are well worth it!

Supplies needed:
8 3/4" screws (This is how deep our table) 
8 washers 
4 brass hair pin legs 
1 table top 
1 Drill

Step 1: Clear the table and flip it over.

Step 2: Unscrewed the of the legs.

Step 3: Take a leg and line the inner hole of the leg with the inner whole that already exists (the pink dot shown below). Make sure that the hairpin leg is pointed outward.

Step 4: Take a screw and a washer and screw it into that hole almost all the way, but leave some wiggle room for you to move the leg a little to make sure that it is aligned.

Step 5: Repeat Step 3 and 4 for all of the legs.

Step 6: Make sure that the legs are straight and then drill a hole for the outer hole of the legs for all of the legs. We measured the drill bit to be 3/4" and then taped it with some blue tape so we knew where to stop.

Step 7: Take a screw and washer, and screw it into the hole. Each leg should look like this:

Step 8: Make sure all screws are tightened and then flip and voilà!

Hopefully those steps make sense. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, and enjoy!

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OHD Letterpress Craft Night

On Wednesday night, I went to the Oh Happy Day Craft Night on letterpress. I always wanted to try letterpress, and this was a great way to get a little taste of it and help fund a Community Preschool. I am also a big fan of Jordan Ferney and her blog Oh Happy Day.

The class was taught at husband's studio, Ferney Art Studio, in the Mission. Paul Ferney's art is beautiful. I especially love the beach painting in the picture below.

I arrived to the class hot and sweaty from the crazy summer day in SF. We each got cute tote bags with some goodies inside. There were refreshments to cool me down and chocolate chip cookies from the tasty Craftman & Wolves.

Jordan walked us through the basics of letterpress and how to use her Vandercook proof press. Here she is applying paint to the roller.

After the walkthrough, we quickly went into printing the cards ourselves. It was so fun to try out the press. I hope that I can have my own one day. Here's my friend LR using the press:

Here are the cards that we printed:

I can't wait to take more letterpress classes and maybe print some of my own designs. I want to take the series at the San Francisco Center for the Book. I also want to go to more of Oh Happy Day's Craft Nights. Until next time, get crafty!

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Eggcellent Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter is this Sunday, but I do love decorating eggs. I have fond memories of decorating eggs, doing Easter eggs hunts as a kid as well as entering a coloring contest at a Ralph's and winning a giant bunny stuffed animal. I still have the bunny at my parent's house.

I love all of the fun ideas that I have come across on Pinterest, so I decided to create an Easter Pinterest board. Here are some of my favorite egg decorating ideas from Pinterest to try out.

1. Sharpie eggs from  //  2. Neon dip-dyed eggs from Oh Joy!  //  3. Pantoned dyed eggs from How About Orange  //  4. Painted brown eggs  //  5. Mr. Humpty Dumpty eggs from Confetti Sunshine  //  6. Pineapple eggs from Studio DIY //  7. Black and white eggs from Paper & Stitch  //  Golden marbled eggs fromSheKnows  //  All natural dyed eggs from Better Homes and Gardens

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